Why Binge-Watching Might Actually Be Good For You

These days bundle of ways are there to watch films without dragging yourself to the theatre. And if we being completely honest, curling up on the couch with food and your Netflix subscription is nothing but a bliss. However, not everyone can get this sort of pleasure in the light of the fact that we’re too busy dealing with stress & anxieties in our day to day life. Truth be told, it isn’t something that can be ignored but it is definitely something that can be decreased. How?

Netflix lovers are you listening?

Watch! Watch! & Watch!


Movies!  Series! or even better Documentaries!

I have been watching a lot of movies & documentaries lately and what I realize is that I’m slowly becoming an addict (In a good way). It’s actually a better way if you wanna improve your IQ or your way of thinking. For artists, watching, reading and paying attention to the world is simply an exercise. Here are a couple of reasons why you should watch and observe more.

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It’s a delight

It’s an interesting source of entertainment. From the minute we enjoy viewing a film, we are changed into another world where our brain is quiet, it overlooks everything and is concentrated at what we are watching. Everyone wants to be relaxed and be delighted. Regardless of what age individuals belong, they need entertainment.

It gives you something to talk about

Movies are social activators, they permit even unknown individuals to blend with each other. We as a whole watch films and it is a common factor amongst us. This regular factor can start a discussion with an outsider. We have sentiments about films and these additionally help in socialization through discussion and civil debate. When we go to a silver screen or a venue to watch a film we associate with our companions, relatives, peers and so on. A film is a social work of art which unites all kinds of individuals regardless of whether they have diverse perspectives about the film.



Makes you learn something new

Instead of watching that same old show that you have probably watched 10 times before, you need to watch something different every time. Learn something and know something new every another time, watch a documentary if not interested in a Tv show or a movie. I can guarantee that you won’t regret doing that and despite the fact that you may learn new things it will keep you interested and leave you wanting more.

Keeps your brain active

If you wanna know a scientific reason for watching is the best exercise then let me tell you one of the most vital reasons behind it. According to a study, documentaries keep your brain active by giving your mind new data to absorb and think about. Without learning and connecting with yourself, our brains regularly stagnate and wind up stuck in similar patterns of thinking.


Always remember that excessiveness of anything is bad, be it eating or watching. But you simply can’t deny the fact that eating right can make you look good and likewise if you’re watching the correct thing, it will make you feel and think good. Just like doing planks and crunches are exercises for your body, watching and observing are the exercises for your brain. So, don’t just sit there and scroll, take a pen and write down the list of the shows you’re going to watch and stay fresh and happy.

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24| Writer | Journalism Student| New Delhi

Sonia Vats

24| Writer | Journalism Student| New Delhi

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